Cartier Rings

Introducing the ReLusso collection of Cartier rings for both men and women, thoughtfully curated from the renowned Cartier collections. Each Cartier ring has been rejuvenated with our exclusive LuxuRigen™ method, allowing you to once again embrace the class of these precious vintage collections.

In fulfillment of the obligations of correctness and transparency, Gioielleria ReLusso expressly declares NOT to be an official Cartier dealer and not to have direct commercial relationships with the company that owns the brand. All Cartier jewelry displayed is purchased from private individuals and refurbished. In any case, ReLusso guarantees the absolute authenticity and perfect integrity of the marketed goods and their related warranties.
The links to the manufacturers’ websites on this and other pages of the site are exclusively intended to facilitate visitors of our site in consulting the products we market in compliance with the current law, but in relation to which we do NOT have the quality of authorized resellers. The manufacturers to which the links refer are the exclusive owners of the trademark of the products and licensees of the same. ReLusso is not part of Cartier‘s official dealers and authorized Cartier resellers.


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